Caird Street: Low Secure and Complex Needs Unit

The project consisted of a new 2450m2 Low Secure and Complex Needs Hospital in Caird Street, Glasgow for NHS Lanarkshire. The new facility accommodates 12 residential complex needs patients and a 15 bed low secure units within an existing NHS site.


The new centre provides a purpose built facility designed to enable the delivery of a modern healthcare service which complies with current Scottish Health Executive Department guidance and service user expectations in respect of single room, ensuite accommodation.


Key Facts

  • As some of the patients have mental health issues, a staff attack system was also installed with pagers provided to the staff with audible alarms and text displays when triggered.
  • All bedrooms are fitted out with anti-ligature fittings.
  • The warden call consisted of call units in the bedrooms, communal rooms etc so patients could gain assistance from hospital staff.
  • The Building Management System includes remote access allowing NHS Lanarkshire to control the services installation without visiting the site.
  • The project received NEAT Excellent.

Client: NHS Lanarkshire

Main Contractor: Graham Construction Ltd

Architect: Archial NORR

Consultant: Hawthorne Boyle Partnership

Services: Mechanical & Electrical

Duration: 69 weeks

Value: £1,570,000

Location: Lanarkshire, Scotland