Musgrave Park Hospital – AHU Replacement

We were main contractor for the project which consisted of the replacement of existing air handling units at Withers Orthopaedic Centre, Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast. We were responsible for the segregation of the work areas within the busy hospital complex as well as the mechanical, electrical and builder’s elements of the project.


Key Facts

  • We installed new supply and extract AHU’s in two. locations in the basement of the Withers Building.  New supply and extract ductwork from these units rise to high level and connect into the existing supply and extract branch ducts.  New attenuators were installed from each unit.
  • We also carried out ductwork cleaning on the existing supply ducts feeding the new air handling plant.
  • A new LPHW/LPHW Plate Heater Exchanger was installed in the basement plant room connected to the existing primary heating circuit. A secondary pumped circuit from the Plate Heat Exchanger serves the two new supply AHU’s. A separate pumped heat recovery circuit was installed between each supply and extract AHU. The system pressure is maintained by a new pressurisation unit and expansion vessels.
  • The existing BMS controls as expanded to incorporate the new plant with additional panels and equipment provided at each plant location to provide a fully integrated installation.
  • The electrical works consisted of the install of main supplies to new mechanical control panels, interfaces with the existing fire alarm system and LV wiring to items of mechanical plant.
  • The works were carried out within a live working hospital
  • When working on services supplying the operating theatres we had agreed shutdowns arranged with the hospital although these were subject to change at short notice depending on the hospitals requirements. Were possible these works to place outside normal working hours.

Client: Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

Main Contractor: Stothers (M&E) Limited

Architect: Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

Consultant: White Young & Green

Services: Mechanical, Electrical and Builders Work

Duration: 12 weeks

Value: £243,852

Location: Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast