Stena – VT4 and Loch Ryan

Victoria Terminal 4

The project consisted of the construction of Stena Lines new Victoria Terminal 4 within Belfast Harbour.


Loch Ryan

The project involved the construction of the new Loch Ryan Port development for Stena Line on a 26-acre site including reclaimed land 5 miles north of Stena’s existing Stranraer Port facilities.


Project Highlights


  • Victoria Terminal 4
    • The site incorporated a 4000m2 three storey bespoke terminal building, external workshops, ro-ro bridge, fuel terminal, remote check-in facilities and external lorry/ car parking all on a secure 32-acre site.
    • The industrial workshop provides for both vehicles / ship repairs and maintenance and is fully fitted out with overhead crane, welding booths with specialized fume extract systems, compressed air and heated via high level gas fired heaters.
    • The contract included the provision of the fuel farm which consisted of three fuel storage tanks and fuel transfer facilities to allow for the efficient refuelling of Stena’s vessels.
    • The site was serviced via a new electrical transformer with all associated HV/LV cabling.
    • There are 15 high mast lighting columns installed varying from 25-30 meters in height to cover the site and associated car parks and loading areas. The car parks are installed with fully automated access barriers and ticket booths.

    Loch Ryan

    • The new development incorporated terminal buildings, security building, workshop, check-in booths, pump house, link span and security gallery. The facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • There was extensive infrastructure works involved including alterations to the existing A77 road and creation of a new roundabout adjacent to the site. This involved the installation of new street lighting and the extension to the existing water main along the road network.
    • The site itself included approx. 3000 metres of new mains water and fire main pipework supplying the various buildings, fire hydrants and ship to shore international connections.
    • There was a site wide fibre network installed with four network rings, two dedicated to the CCTV installation and the remaining two for the data installation.
    • There were 17 high mast lighting columns installed varying from 25-30 meters in height to cover the site and associated car parks and loading areas.
    • Backup power to the terminal building is supplied by a new diesel fuelled generator. We also relocated the two existing 450kva and 150kva generators from the old Stranraer Terminal as back up for the workshop facilities and link span.

Client: Stena Line Limited

Main Contractor: McLaughlin and Harvey

Architect: Hobart & Heron

Consultant: Mott McDonald

Services: Mechanical & Electrical

Duration: 12 Month

Value: £2,320,000

Location: Belfast