Thiepval Medical Centre

The Thiepval Medical Centre is a multifunctional centre for the Defence Estates incorporating twenty first century medical, dental and pharmaceutical needs of a major military establishment serving over 4000 service personnel and families.  The medical centre provides casualty treatment as well as consultation rooms for general practice with minor surgery ancillary staff on call 24 hrs per day.  The medical centre is self-sufficient with an in-house pharmacy located adjacent to the reception / entrance.  The dental suite is complete with reception, 3 surgeries and administration facilities.  The centre is complete with dark rooms, sterilisation rooms, recovery wards, examination and treatment rooms as well as full staff ancillary areas including records, library, seminar rooms and staff rest areas.


Key facts

  • The works included a ground floor boiler house housed the gas fired condensing boilers, gas fired condensing water heater (rated at NOX Cat 5) both with concentric flues and variable/constant temperature twin pump sets pressurisation unit and building energy management control system.
  • The BEM system was linked to Defence Estates network to enable energy performance etc. to be monitored centrally.
  • The soils and wastes installation consisted of both UPVC and Vulcathene with dilution recovery traps installed at each sink outlet.
  • Medical compressed air systems were installed to supply the 3 dental surgeries, the compressed air system was complete with first and second stage filtration, air dryers and drains.
  • A solar water heating system was installed with 20 x 30 tube array solar collectors roof mounted on the south facing aspects to provide pre-heat to the cold feed serving the water heaters.

Client: MOD

Main Contractor: Henry Brothers (Magherafelt) Ltd

Architect: Knox & Clayton

Consultant: Building Services Design

Services: Mechanical

Duration: 40 weeks

Value: £475,000

Location: Lisburn, Co. Antrim