Victoria Terminal 4

The project consisted of the construction of Stena Line’s new Victoria Terminal 4 within Belfast Harbour. The site incorporated a 4000m2 three storey bespoke terminal building, external workshops, ro-ro bridge, fuel terminal, remote check-in facilities and external lorry/car parking all on a secure 32 acre site.


Key Facts

  • The project was complex in nature and included commercial areas providing, food and beverage facilities along with office accommodation, training facilities and public services with special branch accommodation and separate security buildings and the industrial workshops.
  • The industrial workshop provides for both vehicles / ship repairs and maintenance and is fully fitted out with overhead crane, welding booths with specialized fume extract systems, compressed air and heated via high level gas fired heaters.
  • The contract included the provision of the fuel farm which consisted of three fuel storage tanks and fuel transfer facilities to allow for the efficient refuelling of Stena’s vessels.
  • The site was serviced via a new electrical transformer with all associated HV/LV cabling.
  • There are 15 high mast lighting columns installed varying from 25-30 meters in height to cover the site and associated car parks and loading areas. The car parks are installed with fully automated access barriers and ticket booths.
  • A standby generator was installed to provide backup power for the terminal building and ro-ro bridge.
  • The extensive mechanical and electrical works comprised of fast track construction with multiple phased handover in order to permit the clients specialist installers.

Client: Stena Line Limited

Main Contractor: McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd

Architect: Hobart & Heron

Consultant: Caldwell Consulting

Services: Mechanical & Electrical

Duration: 60 weeks`

Value: £2,260,000

Location: Belfast